2015-2017 Qualified Sponsors

Once every 3 years, leading commercial coffee equipment suppliers vie for the prestigious opportunity to have products featured as the official tools used by competitors of World Coffee Events’ competitions, including the World Latte Art Championship. All candidates considered for equipment sponsorship must meet exacting technical standards set and tested by the organization, but only one supplier from each category may prevail as the official sponsor.

CMA Astoria
Qualified Espresso Machine

A symbol of technical excellence and Astoria’s green philosophy, Plus4YouTS is the top model in the Green Line, a revolutionary series of energy-efficient espresso machines that provide certified energy savings of 47.6% in standby mode and 30% during operation. For more info: www.astoria.com


Qualified Grinder

The product range of ANFIM, located in the heart of Milan / Italy, contains premium domestic grinders, the most accurate doser grinders as well as top heavy duty models such as the new SP450 ON DEMAND with Titanium coated grinding discs. The SP450 ON DEMAND will definitely enchant baristas by producing the perfect clean cup, coping with high volume requirements despite running with low rpm maintaining cool grinding temperatures.


Qualified Cleaning Products
EVO Espresso Machine Cleaner

EVO1kgCafetto is a specialist manufacturer of cleaning and sanitation products for espresso, coffee brewing and dispensing equipment.

Cafetto prides itself on innovative and thoughtful solutions always keeping abreast of customers’ needs to ensure a clean machine every time.

Get the best from your equipment, keep it Cafetto Clean.

For a full list of our 2017 Sponsors, please click here.